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Stewart PLLCís mission is to offer big-firm talent with small-firm pricing and flexibility. This requires focus. While many firms dabble in export compliance law as an ancillary practice, Stewart PLLC focuses on this critical subject as its primary practice area. Thatís because export compliance is a complex field involving three bodies of law administered by several regulatory agencies. The regulations are often ambiguous, nuanced, and in constant flux. Practicing in this area requires continuous focus to keep abreast of regulatory changes, government interpretations, and industry practices. Stewart PLLCís focus allows us to more effectively navigate the complexities of these ever-changing regulations to improve your overall program and minimize exposure.

In addition to export compliance counseling, Stewart PLLC also has extensive experience on a wide range of import compliance matters as well, including Customs classification, valuation, country-of-origin marking matters, and audits.


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